cut a dark energy out of my life the day of the super moon. pretty symbolic, I’d say.

i miss my @johnscottharris. he needs to come home from naccc already  

( ╯︵╰,)

potatoesmashed: Your skin is so flawless what do you use on your face dood?

i keep getting this question so i’ll post this one public lol.

i don’t wear makeup very often but maybe once or twice a week. 

i use st ives apricot scrub and a light cleanser like aveeno or kiss my face that i switch around depending on how oily or dry my skin is being. sometimes i don’t use soap and just rinse off with cool water. 

i also switch around with face serum and lotions. my fav is REN products but its expensive so i’ll get olay lotion sometimes. 

my face isnt flawless all the time tho! i get hormonal breakouts and redness just like everyone else lol 


i put the :// in http://